Electrification With PDH

On January 17, 2024, RPE hosted Electrification with PDH evening presented by Stark Tech, Jim Parks. I have to say, I, as well as others, was not sure of what to expect to obtain from this class, but we attended with curiosity. Jim Parks did an excellent job leading this session not telling us to change to electric equipment but encouraged us to think differently how to reduce a commercial buildings carbon footprint and emissions. Let’s face the facts, not all electric equipment is economically friendly to operate and, in some cases, just not feasible to use for certain applications. Non-fossil fuel technology is in the infant stages but growing rapidly with Electric boilers, Wind/Solar energy, Heat pumps, Nuclear Energy, Thermal Energy and Battery storage. Within the next 5, 10 years think of where non fossil fuel technology will be, it’s going to be an exciting time for inventors, engineers and facilities managers. And don’t forget folks, the energy companies help with rebate programs, so do some homework and your project could be 50% funded. I thoroughly enjoyed this session and would like to thank Jim Park and Stark Tech. For more information, contact Jim Parks at parksj@starktech.com

Some reference slides: